In an interview with the German media, Kylian Mbappe talked a bit about his PSG colleague Neymar

The German newspaper Bild publishes this Tuesday an interview with Kylian Mbappe. No confirmation or rebellion from the world champion, therefore, but there is a little sentence in which he says that he feels good where he is, especially next to his great friend Neymar.

“It’s true, Lucas (Hernandez) told me that I should go to Bayern. In soccer, you never know what will happen. But now I’m very happy as it is. Bayern is one of the five biggest clubs in the world, and you can’t help but admire the way they are constantly renewing their team to stay on top.”

“Neymar is one of my best friends. A lot of people talk badly about his attitude. Maybe it has to do with some scenes at the World Cup. But I can guarantee: he is a very good guy, and the perceptions that many people have of him are not true. “

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