Neymar Son

Neymar Son – Davi Lucca

Neymar  Son – Davi Lucca

On 24th of August 2011 Neymar became father for the first time. Davi Lucca was born in Sao Paulo with 2.8kg. The 19 years old player was next to the mother, Carolina Dantas when Davi was born.

Even with a busy agenda Neymar is a very dedicated, kind and responsible father to his son Davi. Neymar Jr. became father at the mere age of 19. Even though Neymar is not any longer in a relationship with Carolina Dantas they are good friends and he sincerely fulfills every responsibility as a father.

Davi also likes Bruna Marquezine, his mother said that once Davi went to visit his father and came back telling that he saw Bruna and that they were playing together, since then he recognizes her in the television.

Davi was breastfed until he was eight months old and he is now a very active child. According to his mother he wakes up at 9h00 and immediately wants to play. When he comes back home from kindergarten he is still very active and just wants to go to bed at midnight.

Check out this video of Neymar playing with his son.

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