Neymar girlfriend Carolina Dantas blaser

Carolina Dantas – Neymar Girl

Carolina Dantas is Neymar’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son David Lucca. She is a beautiful young lady who had a child from Neymar at the age of 17, when Neymar had 19 years old and was playing for Santos. Carolina was still in school when she gave birth, aiming for a career in medicine from which she didn’t gave up yet.

Carol as she is known among her friends, got to know Neymar when she was 16 through common friends. She never wanted to tell that they were in a relationship fearing this could not be approved by the family due to the fame that football player have. When she figured out she was pregnant she was first chocked and her mother was upset, but soon she got the necessary support from her mother and the friendly relationship that she still keeps with Neymar also helped her going through her pregnancy. Carolina and her mother are often in contact with Neymar’s mother and sister and she also said she already saw Bruna Marquezine sometimes and has nothing against her.

In this emotional video you can see Carolina Dantas talking about her relationship with Neymar.

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