Neymar girlfriend Gabriella Lenzi

Gabriella Lenzi – Neymar Girl

Soon after the split up with Bruna Marquezine in January 2014, the first rumors appeared suggesting a new relationship between Neymar and Gabriella Lenzi, a model from Santa Catarina who was born in São Paulo.

The rumors started after the model did a trip to Barcelona and took pictures next to the girlfriends of Messi and Fabregas which were attending to Rosa Clara fashion show.

However Gabriella denied the existence of a relationship with Neymar telling that she was just working for Rosa Clara fashion show.

During the 2014 world cup in Brazil Bruna Marquezine appeared again together with Neymar suggesting that they were back in a relationship.

Recent rumors tell that they probably broke up again after a trip they did to Ibiza and from where Bruna came back to Brazil earlier than expected. After her departure Neymar stayed in Ibiza and continued the party, on his Istangram he posted a photo with Paris Hilton. Coincidence or not Gabriella Lenzi was also partying in Ibiza at this time.

With 20 years of age Gabriella Lenzi is studding mode design and although being very popular in the social networks there is not much information available about her. This is probably because she prefers to try to preserve her privacy and this could also explain the lack in information on the eventual relationship with Neymar far from the cameras.

Gabriella Lenzi photos

Gabriella Lenzi photo

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