Elisabet Martienz - Neymar Girl

Elisabeth Martínez – Neymar girl

Over the last year Neymar became more and more famous and as the price of fame his list of presumed girlfriends increased exponentially. The Spanish newspaper El Mundo reports on the beginning of 2015 some rumors of a possible affair with a sexy Spanish lawyer called Elisabeth Martínez. According to this newspaper, during the last months they hang out in the same places, referring to the restaurant “Boca Grande” and the discos “Opium” and “Sutton Club”. She likes sports as there are some photos of her wearing sexy sports-cloths on the web.

However these rumors have been denied by his representatives.

Neymar was in Brasil during Christmas holidays where he had an extremely busy agenda dividing his time among his family, friends, tv shows and social events. During this time he also had a lot of parties with his friends some of which were good looking girls.

Elisabeth Martínez photos

Elisabeth Martínez photo

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