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Neymar’s WhatsApp Account

Just like most soccer stars, Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar Jr. devotes a great deal of time to online communication on messengers. In particular, the Brazilian soccer player is an active WhatsApp user. Naturally, his contact information isn’t publicly available, which means fans can’t reach their idol through this messaging service.

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Private Chats on WhatsApp

Neymar uses his WhatsApp account mainly for staying in touch with family members and friends and chatting with fellows from Paris Saint-Germain F.C. and the Brazilian national soccer squad. It’s known that the Brazilian player has a WhatsApp group with his former Barcelona teammates, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. According to Messi, the chat thread is called ‘The Three Sudacas’ (sudaca is a colloquial term used to shortly call a person from South America).

Neymar left Blaugrana in 2017 but decided not to cut ties with Leo and Luis who had been sharing the forward position with him for several years. The guys remain good friends even outside the soccer pitch and sometimes exchange messages via WhatsApp.

Neymar’s Scandal Messages

While Neymar uses WhatsApp messenger only for personal purposes, some details leak out online and become a huge subject for discussion. They sometimes even cause powerful scandals.

In 2018, Neymar was rumored to use WhatsApp when attempting to convince the former Liverpool midfielder Philippe Coutinho to reject Barcelona’s offer and join him at PSG. Upon learning this, Barça’s board felt somewhat duty-bound to sign Coutinho by all means – and successfully did so.

Another incident happened to Richarlison who plays as a forward for EPL club Everton and the Brazilian national soccer team. While live streaming the popular video game Counter Strike on Twitch, Neymar held his cellphone up to the camera. Richarlison called him right at this moment and his number displayed on the screen so that all viewers could see it. Neymar hurriedly apologized to his friend swearing that was an accident and advised him to change the number. The situation that seemed hilarious at first got out of control as Richarlison’s number went viral. The player received over 10,000 WhatsApp messages from unknown numbers just in five minutes – some of them were even threatening.

Yet, the most far-reaching scandal involving Neymar’s WhatsApp took place in 2019, when PSG striker was accused of raping a woman in a hotel in Paris. Brazilian model Najila Trindade alleged that Neymar came to her in a drunken state and assaulted her. The police announced an immediate investigation of this case. It caused a wide public outcry both in Brazil and around the globe. Neymar denied the allegations and even revealed the screenshots of his WhatsApp dialogue with the woman to prove his innocence. It turned out that Najila slandered the soccer star to get money from him. As evidenced by their text messages, there was no assault while the physical intimacy was consensual. WhatsApp messenger helped Neymar to whitewash his name. The police ended the investigation over the lack of evidence. The criminal case was opened against Trindade who soon faced fraud and extortion charges.

Stickers for WhatsApp

Neymar’s fans who prefer using the popular messenger can install stickers depicting the Brazilian soccer star. For instance, such sets are available on Google Play Store for Android users. The application is absolutely free and contains six sticker packs that get added to WhatsApp right after installation. Basically, the stickers are made of Neymar’s pictures taken amid soccer matches or video interviews. They represent his different emotional states and can be used as emojis.


Since Neymar is quite a media figure who spends much time online, fans get an enormous amount of information about his life outside of the soccer pitch. Even though his private conversations often end up on the Internet, there’s no chance to contact him on WhatsApp or other messengers. The Brazilian striker does his best to keep his phone number secret only handing it to some of his closest people. However, you can install sticker packs devoted to Neymar and use them for communication with your friends and family.

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