From an illegal disco party to a rape case: Neymar’s misdemeanors in a row

Neymar (29) is back in the spotlight. The Brazilian is accused of forcing a Nike employee to perform oral sex on him. His contract with the company was terminated last year for this reason. The soccer player has played a leading role off the field for years. A review of his many extravagant acts over the years.

Let’s start with a tradition that Neymar has maintained for years. At the beginning of March, the Brazilian is invariably unavailable to his employer. The reason: the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Between 2015 and 2019, Neymar hasn’t missed a single issue. The images of the partying superstar were undeniable. Not only can Neymar attend celebrations in Rio during this period, but his sister Rafaella’s (25) birthday on March 11 is also important to him.

Each time Neymar was accidentally injured or suspended from a game during this period. In 2015 and 2016 he received a red card in time, in the following years there were muscle injuries, and in 2019 he even broke his leg in the foot. But every time, Neymar was healthy enough to bounce back at a carnival and Rafaella’s birthday party. Last year, he dressed up to participate in the festivities, “to avoid controversy.”

Underground Disco

Neymar managed to find them in other ways because he doesn’t look at the party any more or any less. At the same time last year, the Brazilian organized his own birthday party, just two days after a painful loss to Dortmund in the Champions League. But that was just a footnote for Neymar and the guests. The dress code was “all white” at the chic Yoyo disco under the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

A few weeks later, the same story was repeated when Neymar and much of the PSG team attended teammate Mauro Icardi’s birthday party at Pavillon Dauphine. The footage shows Neymar parading around there with his bare torso, as do Edinson Cavani and Keylor Navas. Former PSG coach Thomas Tuchel was “not thrilled” with his players’ antics.

Later that year, the paddling Neymar was again at the center of the storm. Then, during his full coronation, he wanted to hold a private “mini-festival” for 500 invited guests in Rio. Neymar thought he could avoid media attention with a miraculous plan: the festival was to take place in an underground disco that Neymar had built a few years earlier so there would be no noise pollution. Cell phones were also strictly forbidden. Nevertheless, the story was leaked to the Brazilian press, and the court opened an investigation.

The rape case

Neymar’s antics have taken him to court before. In the summer of 2019, PSG even chose to get rid of him. The Brazilian first gave a blowout to a provocative fan after losing the Cup final against Rennes. But most of the “talk in town” was about alleged rape. Neymar was accused by a Brazilian woman of 26 years and accused of rape in a hotel room. According to Najila Trindade, the woman in question, Neymar raped her and was aggressive when she refused to have sex, causing her bodily harm.

Neymar was questioned several times, but he consistently denied guilt. In an Instagram video, he even tried to prove his innocence by sharing conversations between him and Najila with the world. Ultimately, nothing came of the case, and it was dismissed for insufficient evidence. Ironically, three months later, Najila herself was accused by the Brazilian state of false reports, slander and extortion in a case against Neymar.

But now The Wall Street Journal has made new allegations against Neymar. In 2016, he allegedly forced a female employee of sports manufacturer Nike to perform oral sex on him in his hotel room in New York City. Nike terminated the partnership last summer because Neymar did not want to cooperate with the investigation. Again, he formally denied the facts.

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