Filipe Luiz lists Neymar and Messi in the top three footballers

Former Chelsea player Filipe Luiz formed the top three of the world’s best players, including 30-year-old Belgian Eden Hazard, but did not mention Cristiano Ronaldo

The Flamengo defender, former Chelsea, Atletico Madrid and Brazilian national team player, thinks Hazard is as talented as Neymar or Messi.

“Eden and Neymar are the best players I have ever played alongside – on a par with Messi.

He didn’t train well, five minutes before the game he was playing Mario Kart in the locker room.

He was warming up without tying his shoelaces.

But then nobody could take the ball away from him. He’d get past three or four players and win games all by himself.”

Hazard has so much talent.

Maybe he lacks a little ambition to say, ‘I’m going to be the best player in the world.’ Because he can be.”

Luiz told the Mail newspaper

Luiz has played many matches shoulder-to-shoulder with Neymar on the Brazilian national team.

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