Neymar’s Twitter Account

Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar Júnior has been active on Twitter since June 2010. You can use the following link to visit his personal page: In addition, the Brazilian soccer player has created an account for his official website

Neymar uses Twitter for several purposes. First, this is a good way to tell fans about the latest news about his life. Second, his profile is an effective tool for advertising. For many years, PSG star has maintained cooperation with such brands as Nike, Red Bull, Qatar Airways, Diesel, and promoted them on social media. Also, he records his own songs and even makes cameos in movies and TV shows. All this information he regularly posts on Twitter, thus expanding the audience and attracting new companies for partnership.

Twitter Audience

Neymar’s account has already made it to the top 30 most followed pages on the platform. His profile ranks 22nd with 52.5 million readers. Moreover, Ney is the second most popular sportsperson on Twitter, giving way only to Cristiano Ronaldo (91.5 million).

The Brazilian striker follows 600 pages. Most of them are famous soccer players (Luis Suárez, Richarlison, Kylian Mbappé, Sergio Ramos), celebrities (Jimmy Kimmel, Justin Bieber, Adriana Lima) and official partners.

Neymar’s Tweets

PSG star posts messages on his Twitter page practically every day – sometimes several times a day. He currently has about 42,000 tweets (including photos and videos) and 1,200 likes. The bulk of his publications are in Portuguese.

Neymar’s Twitter topics revolve around sports, his hobbies and everyday life with family and friends. He often posts jokes, meme pictures, and funny videos of him playing Counter Strike with buddies. It’s also worth mentioning Ney’s touching tweets addressed to his young son Davi Lucca and younger sister Refaella.

An impressive part of Neymar’s publications are ads and affiliate links. He frequently retweets the German sports gear manufacturer Puma and creates posts quoting its slogan “The King is Back.” Ney signed a deal with the company several weeks after cutting ties with his long-year sponsor Nike.

“I grew up watching videos of great football legends such as Pelé, Cruyff, Matthäus, Eusébio and Maradona,” Neymar wrote on Twitter. “They each played in PUMA, and each of them created their magic in The King.”

Neymar’s Twitter Scandals

The Brazilian soccer star quite often gets into embarrassing situations after posting tweets. They sometimes even lead to a huge mess.

For instance, Neymar mistakenly congratulated Bayer Leverkusen for their victory over PSG at the Champions League final in August 2020. In fact, the winner was FC Bayern. The soccer star has just mixed up the names.

A month later, Ney found himself in the heart of a scandal with Marseille defender Álvaro González. The argument began during the PSG v Olympique Marseille France’s Supercup match. Neymar accused Álvaro of racism for his offensive remarks during the game and even hit him on the back of his head (for which he received a red card and a seven-game ban). The altercation continued on Twitter as the players exchanged some mocking messages.

Ney uses Twitter not only for falling out with opponents, but also to publicly express personal complains. Let’s just remember the series of ironic tweets he published last December. In them, PSG striker deplored that he couldn’t make it to the finalists for The Best FIFA Men’s Player 2020 (as Ronaldo, Messi, and Lewandowski were in the top 3), and then cracked jokes about switching to basketball or eSports.

Neymar also frequently grumbles about the hits he constantly gets from opponents on the pitch. “It saddens me a lot to hear from a player, coach, commentator or whoever the hell it is, that ‘you really have to hit him’, ‘he falls’, ‘he cries’, ‘a child’, ‘spoiled’, etc.,” the athlete tweeted after picking up injury against Caen in France Ligue 1 match.

Due to ongoing rehabilitation, Neymar could not take part in the PSG v Barcelona match on February 2020. However, he watched the game online and actively commented it on Twitter. Naturally, the moment when the referee awarded a penalty against PSG caught his attention. Neymar instantly published an ironic post calling the penalty “a joke” but deleted it after it became clear that his teammate actually tripped Barça midfielder.

But the mishaps did not end there. One day later, Ney wrote a post and almost got into another racist scandal – this time through translation problems. While his tweet was about Nego Di, a participant of Big Brother Brazil (reality show), the Spanish daily sports newspaper MARCA interpreted it as a racist remark about Kylian Mbappe. Neymar quickly responded to the accusation and tweeted an explanation. As a result, MARCA deleted its post.


Neymar devotes a lot of time to his personal Twitter account because it helps him both earn money and enlarge his fan base. Yet, his activity often becomes the source of funny, surprising and even scandalous news. To stay on top of the latest news and events about the Brazilian soccer star, just follow his personal page

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