Neymar’s Instagram Account

Like many soccer stars, Neymar Júnior has a personal page on Instagram: In addition, Ney has a confirmed account @neymarjrsiteoficial dedicated to his official website. Both pages are public, and fans have a chance to subscribe to it anytime.

First Posts on Instagram

The athlete made his first Instagram publication on March 7, 2012. It contained a black and white mirror selfie with a greeting in Portuguese. Neymar hadn’t yet found international fame back then, which is why there was nothing special about his posts. Basically, the future PSG star used to post selfies, food and city pics, memes and, of course, photos with friends, family members and teammates at Santos F.C. (who he played for until 2013).

The theme of his page content slightly changed as Neymar moved to FC Barcelona. Besides usual photos of his daily routine, Ney started creating sponsored posts for top brands, such as Nike’s sports gear or Qatar Airways, Barcelona’s long-term partner.

Our Days

As of 2021, Neymar Jr’s Instagram profile has 147 million subscribers. In this regard, he enters the top 15 most followed people and is the third most popular soccer player after Cristiano Ronaldo (269 million) and Messi (190 million). Ney follows 1460 pages, which are soccer players, models, actors, and official accounts of his sponsors.

Neymar has made about 5 thousand publications so far, apart from everyday stories. Each post collects over 1.5 million likes and 4 million views. The number of comments under them isn’t high (50-100) because the athlete has limited the circle of people who can leave messages.

Ney’s page is currently full of pictures of him playing soccer, spending time with his family members, hanging out with celebrities, and generally living the high life. Fans will easily find joint photos with the model Emily Ratajkowski, actor Jackie Chan, Brazilian telenovela stars Fernanda de Sousa and Carolina Dieckmann, and others.

A huge amount of Neymar’s posts is dedicated to his young son Davi Lucca (born in 2011), his younger sister Rafaelle Santos and, of course, his parents and ancestors. The soccer star regularly congratulates them on holidays and uploads videos and photos with touching captions and declarations of love. In addition, Ney actively supports the modeling career of Rafaella and draws attention to the charity programs she’s engaged in.

Neymar’s posts on Instagram are primarily in Portuguese, although promotions are published in English. Recently, the PSG star has repeatedly advertised Red Bull drinks, a line of perfume by Diesel, and Puma boots. It is known that the price tag for his single promotional post exceeds $700,000.

Scandals on Instagram

Sometimes Neymar’s Instagram profile becomes a source of scandalous and controversial news. In particular, the public has recently been outraged by his love for crowded parties, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. On December, the Brazilian forward was harshly criticized after publishing several pictures of himself with family and friends in front of the Christmas tree. He was rumored to throw a five-day party in an underground club. While Neymar claims that was a tiny get-together with the closest people, different mass media report that the guest list included 500 people. The player supposedly banned the use of cellphones to make sure no information gets leaked out.

Ney often uses Instagram to express his own views on sensitive social topics. A few months ago he reacted to the racist scandal that took place during PSG v Istanbul Başakşehir match. The game was interrupted midway through the first half when the assistant referee allegedly used the N-word addressing Istanbul’s coach. “Black lives matter,” Neymar wrote on his profile, thus protesting against racism.

It is worth noting that the Brazilian athlete is quite sensitive to criticism and often publishes emotional posts that instantly become a hot topic on Instagram. Several months ago, he opened up on his feelings towards how badly he is treated by others on the soccer pitch. “I dribble and they constantly hit me,” Neymar complains. “It honestly saddens me and I don’t even know how much I can bear it. I just want to be happy playing soccer. Nothing else.”


Neymar Júnior uses his Instagram profile for several purposes. First of all, the social media helps him tell fans about his personal life and work. Besides, this is a stable source of income – the Brazilian star receives fairly huge sums for promo posts. If you wonder how the successful soccer player spends his everyday life, just subscribe to his official Instagram account @neymarjr.

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