Neymar’s Facebook Account

Neymar Júnior has been registered on Facebook since September 20, 2010. You can visit his official page at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/neymarjr. Compared to his other accounts on social media, the FB profile gets updated less often. A couple of times a week, Ney makes promotional posts and publishes personal photos with family, friends and teammates.

Profile Description

The first thing users see on Neymar’s Facebook page is a colorful cover photo that perfectly portrays his image on social media. It is created in the form of a collage blended from several pictures of Ney and contains 17 logos of his official sponsors: Red Bull, Replay, Diesel, Pokerstars, Quatar Airways, and other. The soccer star sometimes updates this picture as new logos get added.

The block Intro gives access to some of Neymar’s contact details, such as an email address for collaboration purposes (contato@neymaroficial.com), links to his official website (www.neymarjr.com) and confirmed accounts on other web-platforms – Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Neymar has 73 million followers on Facebook but the list of subscribers is hidden. His friend list is also unavailable, except for around 50 subscriptions (which are mostly official partners).

In addition to the news feed, fans have access to 120 photo albums. They are dedicated to different periods in Neymar’s life – training, traveling, holidays, hobbies, various conferences and interviews. The player even collects the magazine covers he appears on.

Publication Topics

Neymar updates his Facebook news feed several times a week. The majority of publications are dedicated to upcoming soccer competitions, holidays, and some important life events. For example, PSG star congratulated himself on the 12th professional career anniversary on March 7. Since Ney’s turned out to be very superstitious, he has a pre-match ritual that involves creating FB posts in which he asks God to bless and protect his team during the game. Also, the athlete regularly uploads videos of him singing, playing with his son Davi Lucca, or streaming CS: GO.

One third of Neymar’s publications is promotional and includes paid partnership posts of Puma, Qatar Airways, Diesel and other brands. Several months ago the Brazilian player tried to draw attention to his daily comic series (Inked, Golazo, Social Monsters and others) as well as the charity organization “Coração Pra Coração” (From Heart to Heart) managed by his younger sister Rafaella Santos.


Apparently, Neymar’s Facebook account is used exclusively for professional purposes and is carefully moderated by his assistants. Here PSG forward tries to maintain the image of a professional player and businessman deeply involved in the development of his own career. On his news feed, readers will unlikely find controversial posts or pictures that could somehow tarnish his reputation (as it sometimes happens on Twitter or Instagram). What’s important, users can freely leave comments on his page but offensive messages will be instantly deleted.

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