Neymar loses millions, Mbappe wins them

Neymar has been often absent this season and has missed several important meetings for Paris Saint-Germain. As a result, his value is dropping, according to the Transfermarkt reference site.

Due to injuries or disqualifications, Neymar has not always shown himself this season. The Paris Saint-Germain playmaker has had to settle for the stands more than once, especially during important meetings. As a result, his statistics (9 goals and 6 assists in Ligue 1) reflect his absence. And the Transfermarkt reference site can only penalize him by reducing his value from 110 million euros to 100 million euros.

“Of course you can’t deny Neymar’s incredible talent, but you also can’t deny that his last season was disappointing. In a 57-match season for PSG, he played only 31 games. But despite his decent stats for that number of games, he’s no longer up to the numbers that put him at the top of the most expensive winger table. Neymar is now behind Mohamed Salah (€110 million) and tied with Sadio Mane and Jaydon Sancho, so next season Neymar will have to show more consistency to keep that position.”

explained Ronan Karoff, head of French Transfermarkt.

Mbappe is still on top

This additional information is no consolation for Neymar. However, at Paris Saint-Germain, striker Mauro Icardi suffered a similar fate when his value dropped from €55 million to €40 million. “He’s probably the biggest disappointment for PSG this season,” Ronan Karoff said. Icardi hasn’t been on the field as much as his counterparts in the attack. Despite high expectations after his transition, he was often injured and not always consistent. And when he is fit, his performances so far do not justify his market value of €55 million. “Fortunately for the capital club, Kylian Mbappe remains the most expensive player in the world (€160 million).

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