Almost trampled: fans attacked Neymar near the hotel

A curious incident occurred on the arrival of the Brazilian national team in Porto Alegre. Fans tried so hard to break through to Neymar that they almost knocked him down. And he could have been injured!

The arrival of Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar to the Brazilian national team caused hysteria among the fans. Fans pounced on the player as he was on his way from the bus to the hotel where the national team is based and nearly knocked him down. And before that .

One of the fans rushed toward Neymar so sharply that he couldn’t keep his feet and flew into the player in a roll. It’s hard to even imagine what would have happened if he had accidentally injured the Brazilian.

Another fan broke through to the footballer in an attempt to take selfies, despite all the efforts of the security guards to pull him away, and then happily raised his hands in the air. Probably, he managed to take the cherished photo after all.

Seconds later, security cleared Neymar, who was attacked and left without shoes. By the way, Neymar could see that he was not happy with this display of affection from the fans.

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