Alvaro Gonzalez still tells his truth about the incident with Neymar

In an interview, the Spanish defender returned to the events that took place during the Classic last September.

Last September, the duel between PSG and OM had made a lot of talk. More than the victory of Marseille at the Parc on the score of 1-0, it is the numerous incidents that broke out during the match that held the attention of the media and the fans. And especially, a big moment of tension between Neymar and Alvaro Gonzalez. The Brazilian accused the Spaniard of having made racist remarks against him, which then led to a huge soap opera, with twists and urns on all sides.

A moment on which the Phocaean player returned. “For me, personally, it was very difficult. Things happened that go beyond sports, and if the season was difficult for all players here, it was even more difficult for me. We won at the Parc, and instead of talking about this good result, we talked about negative things”, said the Spaniard to the daily L’Equipe, in an interview published this Saturday.

“Me, I have no problem with criticism, we are known, so they talk about us one day good, one day bad, this is the life of soccer players, singers, famous people. But here, it was not soccer anymore. And my family went through some difficult times. It was personal attacks, my number came out, my family’s number. When you talk about racism, homophobia, these are serious things. I was always stressed, look at my face (he has a peel on his chin). But I tried to do the best for the team, for the club, to leave these problems aside to focus, “added the former Villarreal and Espanyol.

The different investigations in search of evidence to prove the guilt of the Marseillais had not produced anything. The experts had not found anything to incriminate the boss of the Marseille rearguard on the images that were at their disposal. This does not mean that these words never existed, but that there is no evidence to confirm their existence if not the words of Neymar. With the support of his partners, the defender has not stopped claiming his innocence, even going so far as to blame the Brazilian for his behavior in this case. We will probably never have the end of the story…

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