Mohamed Bouhafsi

Bouhafsi believes that Neymar “hasn’t grown up”

Mohamed Bouhafsi believes that Neymar (29) is not living a perfect life. He believes that the Brazilian has not matured as much as he should have. Talking to RMC, the journalist reacted to the PSG player’s comments regarding his professionalism. He disagreed with him when he said he was blameless:

“I think he is sincere in what he says. He thinks it’s normal. He’s sincere, but he doesn’t understand the situation. For him to play Call of Duty or poker until four in the morning is not serious, it’s part of his game, it’s part of his life, he was like that in Brazil. My only regret is that he’s about to turn 30 and this player never matured. But he is an exceptional player and I love him. Sometimes I say to myself with great regret, ‘If he had been more professional, if he had more respect for his body, what a player he would have been!’,”

he said.

Since joining PSG, Neymar has missed 82 games due to physical ailments. Some see a connection between his injuries and his lifestyle. But that hasn’t stopped the Parisian club from signing him to a new contract until 2025.

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