Emmanuel Macron

President Macron’s opinion on PSG: “I would never put pressure on a player”

French President Emmanuel Macron has spoken out about the possible departure of forward Kylian Mbappe from PSG.

“I want the players to focus on the Euros now. I have not spoken to them about their careers.”

“PSG is a very big club that knew what to do to grow. I think it’s important that Mbappe stays at PSG. Important for the club, important for Ligue 1.

But I would never put pressure on a player because of such a question. It’s a personal matter for the player and I respect his right to choose.

This young man is the admiration of millions of French people. He is amazingly gifted as a footballer, his physical and technical qualities are amazing. He has traits that only the greats have. And I, who used to be a rather mediocre player, say this with particular admiration. You can see that on the field he doesn’t understand what’s going on at the same level as the others. He has terrific intuition – like Platini and Zidane. So he’s a big player,”

said Macron.

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