Senator calls Copa America a “championship of death” and asks Neymar not to play on the field

More than 465,000 people have died from the coronavirus in Brazil. The country has the second highest death toll in the world, and the authorities’ response to quarantine and other preventive measures to reduce the spread of the virus has already raised many questions in the international community.

Brazilian Senator Renan Calheiros called the Copa America “the championship of death” and called on Brazilian star Neymar not to take part in the tournament.

“Neymar, don’t take the field in this Copa America while your friends, your relatives, your acquaintances keep dying and the vaccine doesn’t reach our country,”

Calheiros told Radio El Dorado.

“This is not the championship we should be competing in. We should be competing in the vaccine championship. This is the championship where we have to score goals to make our score change.”

“In that [vaccination] metric, we are in last place. In the ‘championship of death’ we are in second place, with the second highest number of deaths in the world,” he added. “The Brazilian team can’t agree with that. The intensive care units and cemeteries are overcrowded. In what conditions will we celebrate Brazil’s goal?”

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