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Pochettino retained by Mbappé and Neymar? The answer!

Arrived only a few months ago, Mauricio Pochettino could leave PSG before the resumption and make his return to Tottenham. While he would already be in discussion with Spurs, the Argentine technician could flee Paris to find his family in London.

To replace Thomas Tuchel, ousted during the holidays, PSG has decided to trust Mauricio Pochettino, a former member of the house. While his first months at PSG are mixed, the Argentine technician could already pack his bags this summer. Indeed, the management of Tottenham would like to repatriate Mauricio Pochettino and would have already launched the contacts with him to obtain success according to the English press (The Sun, Sky Sports and The Athletic). On his side, the Argentine coach could agree to leave PSG and return to Spurs to meet his family in London.

Pochettino back to London to meet his family?

According to information from The Guardian, Mauricio Pochettino would be happy to have had the chance to coach Kylian Mbappé and Neymar during this second part of the season. However, this might not be enough to keep him at PSG. Indeed, Mauricio Pochettino could go into exile and flee Paris for several reasons. On the one hand, the former Tottenham player would not like the internal politics of PSG. On the other hand, Mauricio Pochettino would not like to be separated from his family during a health crisis. Indeed, his wife and son Maurizio live in London and would miss him terribly. On the other hand, Mauricio Pochettino lives in a hotel in Paris with his assistants, Jesús Pérez and Toni Jiménez, and his son Sebastiano.

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