Neymar is accused of organising an attack on an LGBT activist

PSG striker Neymar has been accused of organising an armed attack in Brazil.

This is the accusation made by Agripino Magallaes, a local deputy and LGBT activist.

Magallaes took the case to a court in Sao Paulo, where he claimed that the footballer organised the attack on him and that Neymar’s lawyer threatened to kill him and tried to bribe him. According to the LGBT activist, the reason for these actions was the investigation that Magallaes was conducting against Neymar.

The activist said that Neymar had made homophobic remarks to friends when he discussed his mother’s ex-partner Nadine Gonçalves, cyber athlete Thiago Ramos.

The footballer’s mother dumped Ramos after she found out he had been in a polygamous relationship with men and was dating Neymar’s chef. The PSG player has since allegedly claimed that gay men should be killed and staked.

Magallaes claims he was robbed of his mobile phone for this investigation. The activist stated that he could have been killed during the attack, which only failed to happen because the gun did not go off.

Because of the situation, Magallaes had to quit his job and is now forced into hiding. The activist is demanding compensation for moral damages from Neymar and his lawyer in the amount of R$1 million (about €155,000).

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