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Neymar’s long-awaited response about the Nike scandal

Brazilian soccer player Neymar, 29, is caught up in the Nike sports brand scandal. His father has already had time to comment on what is happening, but the footballer himself decided to write a frank post on Instagram about the incident.

Facts can be distorted because people see them from different angles. We can’t deny that life is like that.
It’s part of it!

I even understand when someone criticizes my behavior, my way of playing and living.
We are different!

I really don’t understand how a serious company can misrepresent a business relationship that is backed by documents. The written words cannot be changed. They are very clear.
They leave no doubt!

Since I was 13 years old, when I signed my first contract, I was always warned: don’t talk about your contracts! Contracts are confidential!

To contradict this rule and claim that my contract was terminated because I did not make a bona fide contribution to the investigation is absurd, a lying. I am again warned that I cannot comment publicly.
I obey!

But the WSL story is crystal clear. In 2016, it looks like they already knew about this event. I didn’t know about it!

In 2017 I went to the U.S. again for a publicity campaign, with the same people, they didn’t tell me anything, nothing had changed!

In 2017, 2018, 2019 we did trips, campaigns, countless recording sessions. And they didn’t tell me anything.

Such a serious issue, and they did nothing.
Who is really responsible?

I wasn’t given the opportunity to defend myself. I wasn’t given a chance to find out who the person who was insulted was. I don’t even know her. I’ve never had any relationship. I’ve never even had a chance to talk, to find out the real reasons for her pain. This person, the employee, was not protected. I, the sponsored athlete, was not protected.

Until when?

Ironically, the stamp of the brand that betrayed me would still be on my chest.

That’s life!

I firmly and firmly believe that time, always this cruel time, will bring real answers.

Faith in God!

wrote the footballer on Instagram.

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