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Brazilian players have agreed to participate in the America’s Cup

The Brazilian national team players have issued a statement saying they will participate in the America’s Cup.

“When a Brazilian is born, a fan is born. We wrote this message for more than 200 million fans to express our views on the America’s Cup.

We are a close-knit team, but with different ideas. For different reasons, whether humanitarian or professional, we are unhappy with the hosting of the America’s Cup, whether it is in Chile or even in Brazil. All recent events lead us to believe that its process is inadequate.

It is important to emphasize that we never wanted to make this discussion political. We are aware of the importance of our position, we follow what is published in the media, in social networks. We are also in favor of preventing the spread of false news related to our names, without reliable facts. We remember that we are professional soccer players.

We have a mission to accomplish by wearing the yellow and green jersey of a five-time world champion with a huge history. We are against the America’s Cup, but we will never give up playing for the Brazilian national team,”

reads the manifesto of the Brazilian national team players, the text of which was published on the social networks of the players, particularly in the Instagram stories of Neymar, Tiago Silva, Alisson and Casemiro.

The tournament was originally supposed to take place in Colombia and Argentina, but both countries lost that right. Colombia was left without the tournament because of the political situation in the country and the coronavirus. Argentina also had a high risk of infection, causing all national tournaments to be suspended in May.

Then the America’s Cup was moved to Brazil, which was opposed by all national team players and head coach Tite. There were rumors that the national team players refused to play in the tournament, but later agreed under pressure from the authorities.

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