Copa America 2021 Group B overview

Based on the results of the selection, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru have been placed in Group B. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Brazil national team

Head coach: Tite

Position in the CONMEBOL rating: 1

Achievements at the Copa America: Brazilians have won the tournament nine times. Reigning Cup Winners. Multiple silver and bronze medalists of the draw.

Brazil’s national team is, without a doubt, one of the strongest in the world. Any result other than first place will be unsatisfactory for Tite’s charges. Now the team looks even stronger than two years ago, because then Neymar missed the Copa America due to injury.

Brazilian players represent the strongest clubs in Europe and South America. The squad is characterized by mutual understanding, both on the field and in the locker room, as well as a wide selection of class players at every position.

The effective play of the Brazilians in attack, experienced defense and a strong goalkeeping position, the skillful management of Tite and the constant positive mood in the team – these are the factors that are characteristic of the current Brazilian team. Along with the Argentines, they are the main favorites of the tournament.

National team of Colombia

Head coach: Reinaldo Rueda

Place in the CONMEBOL rating: 4

Achievements at the Copa America: Winner of the tournament in 2001; four times won bronze medals

Colombia’s new head coach Rueda had little time to thoroughly prepare the team for the upcoming tournament. However, the presence of experienced and highly skilled players makes the Colombians dangerous opponents for any opponent. The backbone of the team consists of representatives of well-known European clubs, supported by the elite players of Latin American clubs.

The Colombian team is strong on offense, but they often make mistakes in defense as well. As evidenced by a large number of conceded goals in the last 10 games. Given the presence of good performers and a fairly deep roster for the rotation, as well as the level of opponents in the group, I think the “coffee people” will beat the group barrier and reach at least the quarterfinals of the tournament.

National team of Ecuador

Head coach: Gustavo Alfaro

Place in the CONMEBOL ranking: 9

Achievements at the Copa America: 4th place at the tournament in 1959 and 1993

Although there has been noticeable progress in the team’s play recently, the team has yet to achieve anything in the international and domestic arena.

Gustavo Alfaro’s players are mostly played in the domestic championship, but there are representatives of other leagues of the continent and some European clubs in the application.

Ecuador has gained good form in the games of qualification for the 2022 World Cup and has every chance to make the playoffs of the current Copa America. In addition, there are opponents of equal caliber in the group.

Team Venezuela

Head coach: Jose Pezeiro

Place in the CONMEBOL rating: 7

Achievements at the Copa America: 4th place in 2011

The Venezuelan national team is not known for its stellar roster and depth on the bench. Jose Pequeiro’s players have played for European league middles and domestic championship teams.

The battle for third and fourth place in the group will be between three teams. With several experienced masters and thanks to its style of play, the Venezuelan national team is entitled to count on the passage to the next round.

National team of Peru

Head coach: Ricardo Gareca

Place in the CONMEBOL rating: 6

Achievements at the Copa America: Peruvians won the tournament twice in 1939 and 1975; 2019 silver medalists; six-time bronze medalists

A sensational exit to the final draw two years ago was the last good indicator of Peruvian play. In qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, they are last in the table with only four points.

The team has players from their own championship, many leagues of the continent, as well as representatives of the U.S. championship and some European clubs.

Let me repeat that the Peruvians had a very bad start in the qualifying for the 2022 World Cup and practically lost any chance to reach the final part. These failures may also affect the team’s performance at the Copa America. Given the weak form of Gareca’s team, the problems with motivation and the presence of more prepared teams in the group, I think the Peruvian team will take last place in the group.

Recall that the group stage will be held from June 13 to 28; the quarterfinals will be held July 2-3 and the semifinals on July 5 and 6. The top two teams will meet July 10 at the famous Maracana to find out who’s the best team on the continent.

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