Neymar’s biggest sponsorship deals

Neymar was approached for advertising by many big brands, and this is not strange, because the soccer player really knows how to win millions of hearts just by smiling in a short video. While the Nike scandal has not subsided, we can remember the most profitable advertising contracts that the Brazilian has signed.


Immediately after the termination of his contract with Nike, Neymar accepted an offer from PUMA. On this contract the footballer earns a fortune – about 25 million euros (per year!).

Red Bull

The Brazilian also works closely with another equally well-known brand – Red Bull. With his support an annual pentathlon tournament called Red Bull Neymar Jr Five takes place. Each match in the tournament lasts 10 minutes. They play without a goalie, but every time one team scores a goal, their opponents lose their teammate. Whoever beats everyone gets a ticket to the World Cup finals in Brazil.


Neymar is also involved in the advertising campaign of the brand REPLY Jeans. Fans of the footballer can buy in the stores of the network some of the things that the PSG striker has worked on.


Not lagging behind many famous colleagues, Neymar worked on his own fragrance for the brand Diesel Spirit Of The Brave.

Panasonic, Police, McDonald’s and OPPO complete the list of the most important advertising contracts for the soccer player. Will the latest developments affect him and will we see Neymar in advertising campaigns of big brands in the future?

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